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Our Staff

Rob Gagnon - Owner

Rob has been in the air since he became a flight attendant in 1998 before becaming a pilot in 2003.  

He met Sara in 2011, and that same year they married and began their adventures in making their own beer. He started taking courses for brewing and in 2013 he became Head Brewer at BJ's Restaurant and Brewery. In 2014 Rob became a flight instructor while consulting for Wilderness Brewery, and trading grains and yeast with valley breweries such as Huss, San Tan, Perch, McFate, and Wilderness.

Today, Rob and Sara, have realized their dream of owning and brewing through The Flying Basset along with their bassett hounds, Lt. Dan and Angela. When not at the brewery, Rob is a pilot for Sierra Pacific and Sara is an RN and ICU Manager at a local hospital. They are eager to share their passion with you!

Rob Gagnon - Pilot Seat